There’s just something that I’ve been seeing about OUAT and it’s bothering me a bit, idk.

People are all pissed that Regina wasn’t invited to eat with everyone. I have actually seen tags of the group being called ‘assholes’ or just things like ‘FUCK YOU GUYS’.

Um, I’m sorry, what???

You really expect people who have been TERRORIZED by this woman to invite her to lunch? You think, oh. Regina is trying to be good. HEY GIRL. LET’S GRAB SOME COFFEE. is really gonna be a thing? The curse wasn’t broken that long ago. And when Regina got her magic back, the first thing she did was try to take over the town. SERIOUSLY??

Don’t get me wrong. Regina is trying to change. But it’s gonna take time. Just like it’s gonna take time for the people of the town to accept her. It’s not just gonna happen. Just like Regina being good isn’t just gonna happen; we all saw the promo, lbr.

I mean, this is the woman who was so pissed off, that she used a curse to take everyone to a new land and made them forget who they fucking were. If you really think everyone is just gonna forget about that, you are wrong.

I actually love that scene. I like how the writers are going about this. I feel like it’s gonna make the show even more interesting to watch. Regina is going to be an even more complicated character than she already is. That makes for good television.

TL;DR Everyone needs to calm down. Regina isn’t going to be accepted just like that. It’s gonna take time.